Reasons Why Your Water Drains Are Blocked

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Reasons Why Your Water Drains Are Blocked

Reasons Why Your Water Drains Are Blocked

There are many reasons why water drains might get blocked. There are several stadiums of the severity of the blockage of the drains. It may start as a small problem but it can quickly become a major one. It can cause severe corrosion and flooding, slow water drainage. One of the worst Reasons your drains are blocked is sewage backup and this can cost a lot to repair. The first step is to assess the situation where it can appear a problem and prevent it from happening or escalating. There are several most common causes of water drains blockage in typical households.

The first one is people’s hair. This is one of the most common causes of blockage. It binds easily with grease and sticky substances and forms clogs. The easiest way to prevent this is to make sure that every drain has a guard to catch the hair and to clear them regularly. The grease that combines with hair to make clogs usually comes from traditional soaps which are made from grease or fat. That fat combines with minerals and makes a hard residue.

The common opinion is that drains and pipes are there for washing things away, but while people are trying to excess dirt off, it can cause problems in the households drains. Before cleaning clothes and body that is covered in dirt, shake it off first, the big parts then continue with the next step that is washing.

Another reason for blockage is food waste. It shouldn’t go down the drains, even if the sink is garbage disposable. The garbage needs to be thrown away in the trash and not down the sink. Tea leaves and coffee beans can cause severe problems because they don’t break down. Besides food that includes grease and fat can solidify in the pipes. This can cause severe problems, so a solution is to absorb the oil with a paper towel and throw it away in the trash. A similar problem can cause mineral buildup from the hard water and can cause big masses that can block the drains easily. A solution is a water softener if the minerals come from the hard water in the region, and if that’s not it, you’ll need to remove sediments regularly from the pipes.

The small object can be a severe issue if they somehow find themselves in the pipes. Only toilet paper, water, and human waste are intended to go down the drains. If in any case, a small object goes down the drains, you will need professional help to resolve this problem and return the plumbing to a normal state.

Even though we said that paper can go down the drains, there are situations where the paper gets buildup and can cause problems. The drains can get blocked and stop the toilets from flushing or fills it with water anyway. These situations call for professional assistance to take care of the blockage like the 24 Hour Drain Clearance in Swindon offers. One very common problem with the underground pipes are the cracks on them that attract root growth. If these roots get in the pipes they grow fast and large and can cause severe obstruction with the water flow and damage to the pipes.


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