How Would You Clean Your Blocked Drains?

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How Would You Clean Your Blocked Drains?

Drain Unblocking for blocked drains

How Would You Clean Your Blocked Drains?

One of the most common problems that occur in every home is a drainage issue. Most of the time they come unexpected or sometimes there are signs that people ignore and then the problem comes out of nowhere.

In order to solve the problem with minimum stress, you need to be prepared for it as if it could happen any minute or right now. Usually, when blockages are left untreated they can cause leaking in the pipes, damaging the home or the facility. Sometimes pipes can burst which unfortunately means more expensive repairs. There are several things you can do before you call the professional plumber and pay a quite expensive bill.

Firstly you can try to clean the blockage yourself by boiling water and then pouring it into the drain. There are many situations where this is just enough to loosen the blockage and fix the clogging without further work. It is important to remember that this method is only applicable to metal/ceramic pipes because if you put boiling water in PVC pipes it might loosen some joints thus making things worse. When you have PVC pipes the water you use needs to be hot and not boiling so you can use warm tap water. It is most effective when you have grease or food clogs.

Also, it’s been proven useful to use baking soda and vinegar as a combination to dissolve a clog in the drains. You can mix them in a bucket and pour the mixture in the drain or first pour the soda and then the vinegar. You will see a chemical reaction and it is possible that the mixture will bubble out so you need to cover the drain to prevent this from happening. With this chemical reaction, oxygen is produced which cleans the inside of the pipes. It is possible that you will need to repeat the process several times to be sure that everything is cleaned. In the end, you should flush the pipes with water, preferably hot tap water.

A very commonly used technique is cleaning with the plunger. It is mostly used for clogged toilets. You need to cover every open spout before you start the process. When you use the plunger, the pressure is created by the up and down movement and this helps to loosen the clogs in the pipes and helps the water start flowing again. It is very useful for solid clogs but not always effective if you have grease or mineral blockages.

The Hydro-Jet is a very effective way to clean the drains. It is a strong stream of water that is flushed in the pipes. The pressure forces the clog to move and the water flushes it away. This is a safe method and you might be able to do it on your own, it is suggested to contact professionals (for example Wiltshire Swindon Drainage and drain Services) for this situation so it can be done properly and successfully. In this situations the experience that professionals have with this kind of problems is crucial.

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