How to Unclog a Drain

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How to Unclog a Drain

How to unclog a Drain - Blocked Drains Swindon

How to Unclog a Drain

When we have problems with our drain, there are several warning signs. There is water in the shower pooling around your feet, the sink takes time to drain, unpleasant odors in the bathroom. All of these sings are suggesting that very soon the drain will be blocked and a serious problem will occur. By removing the hair and other stuff built up in the drain will only postpone the problem. There are several ways to try and fix the problem before calling the professional plumber but in the worst case scenario, the solution is Swindon SN1 blocked drain repair clearance cleaning.

There is one surprisingly simple but effective way, with a wire coat hanger. All you need to do is straighten it out the best way possible, then create a hook from one side and start pulling things out. Hot water will resolve the rest of the stuff left in the drain. Also, a combination of baking soda and vinegar might help. A 1/3rd of baking soda and vinegar mixed together poured down the drain and left to sit there for an hour or overnight. This has proven to be successful.

There is one interesting idea that might turn into a terrific tool for this kind of situations. A wet and dry vacuum has the possibility to be set first to vacuum liquids. After this is done, you need to create a tight seal over the drain and turn the vacuum on the highest level possible. This should be strong enough to get the clog up the pipe. One of the easiest tips in this situation is to boil as much water as you can. Then pour it down the drain in several stages. Before every stage, you should wait a few seconds to give the boiling water some time to work on the clog.

Trying to clean the drains with a chemical like Caustic Soda also known as Sodium Hydroxide can cause serious chemical burns. You’ll need rubber gloves and protection for your eyes. The first step is to put a ¾ gallon of cold water and 3 cups of soda in a bucket and stir it for a few minutes. When it starts to fizz and heat up you need to pour it in the drains, wait for 30minutes and then flush the drain with boiling water. Sometimes doing it several times does the trick.

A strange, very low tech piece might work in this situations. It’s a flexible rope made of metal, and it’s very long with a spiral end. There are many videos on YouTube, where it’s explained step by step what you need to do and how. It is called the Drain Snake. Another effective way to check is How to rod a blocked drain.

Also, there is a plumbing job that you can do it without calling the professional. You need a bucket put under the U-shaped pipe, a wrench to loosen both ends of the pipe and then turn the pipe upside down to empty it. You may need to fish inside the pipe a little bit to clear the left debris. For this situation, it’s always good to have an old toothbrush that will do the trick.


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