How Much Does it Cost to Clear a Blocked Drain?

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How Much Does it Cost to Clear a Blocked Drain?

How much does it cost to clear a blocked drain-Best price Guarantee

How Much Does it Cost to Clear a Blocked Drain?

When people are having issues with their drain at home or at another residence, there are several questions that pop on their minds right from the start. Most often they are from the type of is it so bad, can it be fixed quickly or will it take a major job, but the most stressful question is the one about the money – How much? Will it be very expensive?

Generally, people start with the option “DIY”, buying drainage stuff not really knowing what they are doing, just trying to finish the job cheaper. The majority of these products are useless and will just be a waste of money. There are several Reasons Why Your Drains Are Blocked. In situations where the house, garden or basement are flooded with water or worse like sewage, it is crucial to call professionals to fix the problem before it becomes bigger. These problems usually occur because of blockages in the pipes and the drainage system from toilet paper, grease from the kitchen, foreign objects. These situations are a problem for the in-house drains. For the outside drainage, the most common issues are tree roots, cracked, broken or damaged pipes, and in many cases an incorrect installation.

At first, the plumber needs to assess the situation and identify the problem. After that the job usually is quick and the drainage is unblocked with the appropriate tools. The “Drain Jetter” is the go-to bag with equipment that drainage engineers plumbers take to every job as a routine. It is not the solution always but it’s a starter.

The cost of calling a plumber or drainage Engineer is variable and it depends on the severity of the problem and the blockage. Usually, there is an hourly rate which can go from £85 to £120, depending on the location of the place and the severity of the problem. Also, some plumbers or drainage services charge a call-out fee, which is added to the original hourly price. This can go from £40 to £60. There are several situations that can be charged extra like emergency calls, after hours or weekends. This cost can vary, some charge the usual hourly rate some extra because is not a standard situation.

Also, the fee may vary depending on the skills of the Engineers. If it’s a plumber with many years of experience, like a master plumber (for example Drains and Pipe Cleaning in Swindon Wiltshire), it is very likely that you will be charged more for the provided services although Wiltshire Drainage have fixed pricing. Some plumbers have a fixed rates for several categories of services/drainage jobs like Toilet/Kitchen drain – £85 to £120, Clearing blocked drain (short stretch of it) – £300 to £500, Replacing drainage piping dependent on length – this is charged by the length usually with some giving a fixed price.

Usually, the best and smartest move is to check how much a professional plumber/drainage engineer (Wiltshire Drainage) that is near your place where you live will charge you. This will help you get a sense of the pricing you get for the problem you have.


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